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Hexagon AB

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Hexagon AB launched a rebrand to update the existing brand guidelines to include hardware and software products in late 2018 and worked with Bynder to utilize their DAM to house our design assets to display guidelines and provide access to designers globally.
Complement the Hexagon brand creative identity (CI) by strategically creating a unique identity for each portfolio and products, and onboard all new/existing assets to Bynder.
Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Stock, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint.
Shared Designer

Hexagon's portfolio of products have always connected Corporate and Division together thru it's brand and creative identity. As exciting new acquisitions  and products were added to the vast offerings across all divisions, there was a demand to expand the existing brand style guidelines to bring more consistency, scalability, and accessibility. 

The Mission

Design Strategy 

Technology Hierarchy 

For the purposes of software portfolio branding, which includes mobile applications, the following hierarchy was used:

1. Portfolio (Function) (e.g., Power Portfolio)
2. Suite (Functional Sub Categorization) (Producer Suite)
3. Product (e.g., GeoMedia)
4. Extension
5. Add On

   Style Foundation

  • Color :  Developed a custom color palette, based on Hexagon primary and secondary color palette, specifically for portfolio branding. 
  • Type  :  Selected 2 fonts for separate  use cases. Akkurat Pro for marketing materials and product packaging. Open Sans for software UI for accessibility.
  • Icons  :  Created icons using a common frame and a set of custom characters created specifically for
    Hexagon-branded products.


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